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“Not to engage in the pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of like men.”

~ Mortimer Adler

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

~ C.S. Lewis

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

~ G.K. Chesterton

“If [the gospel] is dull, then what, in Heaven's name, is worthy to be called exciting? The people who hanged Christ never, to do them justice, accused him of being a bore-- on the contrary, they thought him too dynamic to be safe.”

~ Dorothy Sayers

LTA Seminars

“Thank you... You motivated and inspired them more than any other teacher ever.”

“I had so many deep theological questions from my students, I decided to call in David to help answer their questions...he did an amazing job!”

“We were delighted with her delight in learning. Mr. Vogel lit a fire. We are looking forward to taking additional classes in the future.”

Living the Answer's seminars provide challenging, engaging instruction on a variety of topics in an evening or weekend seminar format. All seminars are taught by David Vogel. More testimonials here.

See below for a list of scheduled seminars, followed by brief descriptions of each seminar topic currently offered by Living the Answer. If you are interested in hosting an LTA seminar at your church, youth group, or community group, to arrange a schedule and format. We're also constantly expanding the list of seminar topics, so if you're interested in a particular issue that's not mentioned here, feel free to ask about a customized seminar for your group.

Seminar topics (click the link for a longer description):

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"Social Issues" and the Christian Worldview

As our culture rejects biblical teaching in nearly every area of life, Christians increasingly find ourselves having to defend and explain our beliefs on so-called "social issues" like homosexuality, euthanasia, and the death penalty in the face of aggressive, compelling opposition. Our challenge is to discern the biblical principles that apply to a given situation and articulate them clearly and persuasively, in a way that stands firm in the truth while also loving the sinner and treating our opponents with "gentleness and respect" (I Peter 3:15). Not an easy feat!

In this three-hour seminar aimed particularly at late teens and young adults, we consider what biblical principles apply to difficult "social issues" questions and discuss how to respond to challenges biblically, persuasively, and winsomely. Our focus is on foundational thinking—tracing these challenging questions back to the underlying assumptions and values that ought to guide our analysis and response. Not all of these topics have a single "right answer," but even when the question is murkier, participants will leave with the tools to thoughtfully and biblically evaluate the issue.

Selection of particular issues to discuss will be guided in part by audience interest, but frequent topics include homosexuality, drug use, euthanasia, abortion, and capital punishment. The seminar also touches on the question of "legislating morality" and the best ways for Christians to promote morality in their own community. The cost is $15 per person, with a family max of $35. The seminar is for ages 14 to adult, but is particularly relevant for high school and college students. There will be a half-hour dinner break midway through (food not provided).

Essentials of Politics and Economics

This four-hour lecture series offers an engaging introduction to important political issues for teens, or a chance to brush up on terminology and concepts for their parents. It's great preparation for the upcoming election. You'll learn enough to be able to read about and discuss current political questions with understanding and interest, as we consider how the American government works, look at basic economic principles, and then discuss the nuances of hot-button political issues that you hear about on the news. As always with LTA programs, we'll also look at how the Christian worldview applies to the issues we're considering.

The seminar will span two evenings, with two hours of lecture per evening. The cost is $30 per person, with a family max of $50. The seminar is intended for those of any age who wish to gain an understanding of how our government and economy work, but it is especially suitable for younger teens and their parents.

History's Great Ideas

Ideas matter. Our culture today is shaped - for better or worse - by the ideas of brilliant thinkers from prior generations. We encounter their ideas every day, and as Christians we ought to be able to understand, learn from, and respond to the foundational ideas of our culture. This three-day evening seminar introduces you to the greatest thinkers of human history and maps the "history of ideas" from the classical Greeks down to existentialists and postmoderns today.

Each evening features four hours of lecture, with a break for dinner. During the day before each lecture, you will read brief selections from some of the great thinkers we'll be discussing, acquainting you with their ideas in their own words. Prepare to be challenged, but no prior familiarity with philosophy is required or expected. The first day will cover philosophers from Plato through Aquinas, the second will cover Descartes through Kant, and the third evening will begin with Kierkegaard and end with postmodernism. The cost is $85 for the first member of each family, then $49 for each additional family member. There is a $10 discount per family for groups of five or more. The seminar is for ages fourteen to adult.

Christian Decision-Making

Description coming soon.

The Problem of Evil

If Christianity is true, then a perfect God created a world in which there is an appalling amount of suffering, evil, and sin. If God allows evil in creation, how can He be good? If he would like to prevent evil in creation but cannot, how can He be all-powerful?

The "problem of evil" is one of the most powerful arguments against Christianity, challenging us on both a philosophical and a personal level. This seminar draws on the work of some of Christianity's greatest theologians and philosophers to explore the problem of evil and offer a satisfying, biblical response that will reaffirm your own faith while preparing you to respond graciously and persuasively to those who raise questions about the existence of evil in God's world. Though the reality of sin and suffering cannot be ignored, you'll discover that the existence of evil actually bears testimony to God's wisdom, power, and love for His people in the context of His ultimate plan for creation.

The problem of evil seminar is 90 minutes long. The cost is $10 per person, with a family max of $25. The seminar is for ages fourteen to adult.

Question and Answer Session

A few groups have asked for a simple question-and-answer session, usually based on pre-submitted questions from the audience. These events have been very successful, so we decided to turn them into an official seminar option. to discuss schedule and pricing.