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“Not to engage in the pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of like men.”

~ Mortimer Adler

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

~ C.S. Lewis

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

~ G.K. Chesterton

“If [the gospel] is dull, then what, in Heaven's name, is worthy to be called exciting? The people who hanged Christ never, to do them justice, accused him of being a bore-- on the contrary, they thought him too dynamic to be safe.”

~ Dorothy Sayers


"We feel very blessed to be able to pick and choose those classes and teachers that we know will inspire our kids, reinforce the God-centered view, and encourage their love for learning. You're at the top of that list. Keep up the great work!"

~ Kristy, Homeschool mother

"She is enjoying your class - especially your lectures - a great deal. She gives me an informal synopsis each week after class - I think she finds it so interesting that she just wants to share it with me and that delights me. I'm so glad that she is having the experience of learning from engaging and thought-provoking lectures. She is taking copious notes - pages and pages because she wants to remember everything you say in class."

~ Marylin, Homeschool mother, Government and Economics

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication to excellence and truth. They continually tell me that their classes with you have made their high school experiences wonderful and have been great preparation and confidence for the essays and tests they have taken."

~ Amy, Homeschool mother

"My kids LOVE you as a teacher. [My daughter] has had several online and co-op classes and she just can't believe how great your class is. [My son] feels the same. What a relief and blessing for me!!!"

~ Holly, Homeschool mother

"Mr. Vogel is wonderful at providing personalized feedback and constructive criticism for each assignment, making his comments both helpful and encouraging. That's not always an easy balance to strike, but he does it beautifully. Our girls are rapidly gaining both confidence and proficiency. In just a few weeks, I've been very impressed at the change in their writing. I've always known they were intelligent and had good things to say, and thanks to their dad they are great verbal communicators. Now they are gaining the tools to communicate effectively in writing. This is important to us, and I'm thrilled that God has provided a way to build those skills."

~ Kim, Homeschool mother and blogger at Life in a Shoe, Essay Writing Online (full review here)

"Thank you for all you have contributed to his success and helping him unlock his ability to systematically approach a writing assignment. It still probably takes him longer than most, but he is no longer overwhelmed by the task, and we continue to see him grow in confidence and ability. I cannot offer enough praise for your part in his growth. So many teachers before you focused on the more flowery aspects of language: adding adjectives, using active verbs, and alternating sentence patterns, but you were the first that focused on first logically organizing his thoughts and using literary devices to support the story and more actively engage the reader. The difference in emphasis cannot be understated, and the results for [my son] were dramatic."

~ Christine, Homeschool mother, Essays I

"I wanted to thank you for how your teaching in math prepared me for college and has yielded fruits already. This semester, I took Calculus I. With extra credit, I ended up with a grade over 100 in that class. If you recall, I struggled with math, especially Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry. Nevertheless, the rigors of Saxon math combined with your excellent teaching led me to succeed in Calculus. I want to thank you again for your personalized, patient teaching. I remember you saying many times that we were 'laying the foundation' and 'learning the grammar' for higher level math. If I'm honest, I have to say those explanations frustrated me somewhat -- I wanted results immediately and to see what all the work was for. Now I understand why those foundations and disciplines you taught were necessary. They benefited me tremendously in Calculus. In comparison, Calculus was actually easy. The class time was longer, we met three times a week, and the individual problems took longer to solve, but I felt the hardest part was still the trigonometry and simplifying equations with Algebra. After I understood the foundational ideas, the concepts of Calculus came naturally. All this to say, thank you so much!"

~ Former student, Algebra I & Algebra II

"Christian Worldview has been one of the most positive learning experiences in her academic career... After class she would barely get in the car before pulling out her notebook with the exclamation, 'I've got to tell you what I learned today!' Then, over dinner, she would bend her dad's ear once again. This was not normal routine in our house, and we were delighted with her delight in learning... Thanks again for inspiring our daughter!"

~ Becky, Homeschool mother, Christian Worldview I and History's Great Ideas

"I've grown up in the home school community and been exposed to quite a lot of worldview-type classes, but I can say without hesitation that Mr. Vogel's are the best I've ever encountered. They do a top-rate job of furnishing teenagers with the intellectual tools necessary to understand Christianity correctly and defend it well in the oftentimes-hostile world of ideas. I am a high school senior planning to pursue a major in philosophy, and I can't imagine launching out into the university system without the kind of preparation afforded by this class."

~ Former student, Christian Worldview

"We wanted to thank you for your patience with us regarding [our son] and math. We wanted to let you know also that we got his end of year testing score and he scored higher in his math than he ever has."

~ Cathy, Homeschool mother, Algebra I

"I wanted to say thanks you for teaching me math this year! I really enjoyed being in your class. You really helped me to understand a lot of concepts I didn't get before."

~ Former student, Algebra II

"Thank you for a mostly non-painful year of Algebra! Under your teaching, I have learned/understood so much more than I thought I ever could. I look forward to delving into Advanced Math with you next year."

~ Former student, Algebra II

"Yours was his favorite class of his high school years!"

~ Sarah, Homeschool mother, Government and Economics

"My boys said you were the best teacher they have had in high school. :) Thank you for your leadership and example of Christ in their lives."

~ Beth, Homeschool mother, Government and Economics, Critical Thinking & Philosophy

"Just wanted to let you know what he said to me today after he came home from class - Gov't & Econ is my favorite class I've ever taken! And I didn't think I'd like Economics this much! In case you did not know, he did attend a college preparatory high school for 2 years, so this is not just a 'better than my homeschool mom' compliment. He has been exposed to a number of engaging teachers. Thank you so much!"

~ Cindi, Homeschool mother, Government and Economics

"Mr. Vogel challenged my student to improve her written communication skills, and she surprised me with the improvement that she made in one semester in the Christian Worldview course. The course really challenged her thinking about worldviews and why one's perspective is so important, and how we can graciously impart the truth to those who don't yet know it. Mr. Vogel expects higher-level thinking ('iron sharpens iron'). Highly recommended instructor and classes for homeschoolers or anyone."

~ Carolyn, Homeschool mother, Christian Worldview I

"Thank you once again for another great year! I greatly enjoyed world view and philosophy. You are such an awesome teacher. You not only taught me about philosophers and worldview, but you taught me lessons that I can apply to my life."

~ Former student, Christian Worldview and History's Great Ideas

"I was in your Government & Economics class last year, and this year I am a freshman at Greensboro College. I'm majoring in history education, to be a high school teacher, and for my major I am required to take an economics course... I just wanted to thank you for preparing me well for college economics. I know my Living the Answer class is the reason that I am doing so well in this Microeconomics class. I just got my first midterm back, and I got a 95. At the end, my professor wrote a note that said, 'You are the most intelligent student I have had in years. Please, please consider becoming an ECON major.' I laughed because I would never want to be an economics major, but it was a nice compliment. So THANK YOU for teaching me well and making economics easy and even enjoyable. You have definitely contributed to my success in this college class."

~ Former student, Government and Economics

"The teacher is funny, entertaining and comprehensive. He uses a lot of quotes from famous literature to illustrate whatever aspect of good writing he's talking about. He also uses some more lighthearted quotes... The in-class assignments, which were my greatest fear going into this, are extremely helpful, because you get criticism on the spot. That way we know if we properly understand the concept that he's going over, before the actual (graded) assignment is turned in... The skills I've gained from his class have given me a lot more confidence in my writing. Hopefully I'll have the self-discipline to keep it up on my own, but for now I'm incredibly grateful for all that Mr. Vogel has taught me."

Former student, Essay Writing Online (full review here)

"Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the classes you has been such a blessing in my life. As we have encountered different groups of religious thought in our day-to-day lives, I have had a much better understanding of the presuppositions and ideas that lie behind them. This is thanks to the Christian Worldview classes which you so diligently instructed, and which I thoroughly enjoyed."

~ Former student, Christian Worldview I and Christian Worldview II

"What blessed my heart was reading her speeches and seeing the thinking that she was doing about God's truth and contrasting worldviews. It was hearing her witnessing by applying what she just discussed on Friday morning in your class to the issues of her peers on Friday night. When a student can turn truths from the AM into applications by the PM, that shows that she 'got it'."

~ Melissa, Homeschool mother, Worldview and Communication

"I never used to understand the concepts in my book from 5-8 grade. So when you explain it so clearly, it makes me want to jump to tell everyone that I understand it."

~ Former student, Algebra I

“I feel like he is doing very well with his homework and understanding of the new math concepts. Thank you for teaching and caring for your students.”

~ Robin, homeschool mother

"Thanks for teaching this class. He really didn't want to spend his summer in a class and complained about having to go, but once he went, he hasn't complained at all. He's actually told me all about what he's learned. You must be a great teacher!"

~ Nancy, Homeschool mother, Study Skills & Notetaking

"David Vogel's competence and thorough knowledge of the subject contributed to his passionate and engaging manner as an instructor... I would highly recommend this class and teacher to any prospective students."

~ Leslie, Homeschool mother, Christian Worldview I

"Mr. Vogel was such an excellent teacher that after awhile I became more comfortable, confident and curious, all at the same time while I was in his classes. What a relief that was! Shaking with fear, I would get up to speak, but over time I became more comfortable. He gave tips to his students about how not to be nervous. Needless-to-say, the more I practiced the easier it became. All the feedback Mr. Vogel gave to me was extremely helpful for all the papers we had to prepare. I learned that there are plenty of ways which would help me improve my writing. Not only did I learn a lot in the classes, I also bumped my grades up at home. Writing and public speaking are not things that come easy for me, but by taking these classes it helped me immensely."

~ Former student, Introduction to Logic and Rhetoric and Introduction to Essays

"My thirteen year old son was enrolled in the Introduction to Logic and Rhetoric class. David Vogel is an excellent teacher and communicator. This class is packed full of vital information that our children need to help them prepare to defend their faith and beliefs. My son is not comfortable with public speaking and was not very confident going into this class, but Mr. Vogel does an excellent job of helping them put forth their best efforts and is always available to help. I was very pleased at the end of the eight weeks with my son's progress. I felt it was beneficial for me to sit in on the class so that I would understand the material as we reviewed it during the week. I learned along with my son!"

~ Patti, Homeschool mother, Introduction to Logic and Rhetoric

"I am LOVING this class and learning so much. Finally, I am taking a class or subject that I want to do and love. Thanks again!"

~ Former student, Web Design I

"I really enjoyed this Semester! I've learned so much about Web Designing over the past few weeks. I don't think I could have ever done that well without this class! I wanted to say thanks for all that you do! I really appreciate how willing you are to help your students as well. I can't wait for the next class!"

~ Former student, Web Design I

"I really like this class cause I am able to ask questions, and the videos have helped me a whole lot with just figuring out how some of the logic works. I think you do a really good job explaining it in terms that are basic and easy to understand."

~ Former student, Web Design II

"I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this class, I really enjoyed it, and I've pretty much decided I want to pursue programming as a career! The Lord has definitely blessed me with this class, and I'm sad it's over... Just to give you an idea of how high of a level this class is, Iíve been able to help two professionals with volunteer PHP back-end projects this semester involving 3-dimensional arrays as well as arrays within loops. Iíve been enjoying it a lot... Weíve had a tough time finding anything close to as good quality as yours."

~ Former student, Web Design II

"Thanks for the great teaching. Several people thought we weren't novices which was nice."

~ Former student who qualified for NCFCA Regionals, Policy Debate

"Once again, thank you very much for instructing her. She very much enjoyed the class and profited from it. Halfway through the semester, she said to me, 'I don't want to say this too loudly, but I actually enjoy writing essays now.'"

~ Gail, Homeschool mother, Essay Writing Online

"Writing has always been my greatest weakness in school, and Iím afraid Iíve avoided teaching my children to write because of it. Iím thrilled that this course was available. I must say that Iíve sat in on their classes and Iíve learned a lot along with them."

~ Susan, Homeschool mother, Essay Writing Online

"I wanted to email you and thank you for my essay class this past fall! One of our essays, the one about gun control, I reused (with editing and expansion) and entered the NRA Defense Fund essay scholarship. I just got a call from the NRA and I won first place in the Junior division! I am so excited! Thanks for helping me write better essays and the great class!"

~ Former student, Introduction to Essays

"In addition to the excellent feedback you provided on the essays, we really like the 8 weeks of class. Our academic schedule is pretty full, so it's hard to add more classes that require a lot of work. Your writing class was great for him, because you taught him things beyond grammar and mechanics. He needed help developing his style and hearing from someone other than me. Even moms who can teach writing at home worry that they're not doing it well. It was very encouraging to me and a great benefit to him."

~ Andrea, Homeschool mother, Essays II

"I very much appreciated the Essay Writing Class. I enrolled her in the class because I wanted her to get feedback on her writing from someone besides me. The time you took to read the essays and give specific pointers on how to improve the writing was greatly beneficial for us... An added benefit, that I was not aware of when I enrolled her in the class, was the opportunity to think about and talk about some current issues as well as some timeless, difficult questions. She enjoyed both the discussions and the research she did on the various topics.

"I was very pleased with the academic level of the class. She was motivated to work to her potential and made a good step forward in improving her writing. It was encouraging to see her excited to do a good job on her essays and to want to put forth the effort needed to make them better. She now has a good understanding of what good writing looks like so that she is able to evaluate her writing and determine where it needs improvement and how to accomplish it."

~ Paula, Homeschool mother, Introduction to Essays

"My daughter actually liked David Vogel's Introduction to Essay's class. I can say that she 'actually' liked it because she doesn't like to write essays at all and now she does. She learned a great deal on writing essays in this class and Mr. Vogel always had an interesting topic to write on. Therefore, after taking this class, I can say she now 'actually' likes to write essays and I would recommend this class to anyone."

~ Christine, Homeschool mother, Introduction to Essays

"Thanks so much. She seems to be gaining confidence in her essay writing skills, and we are seeing her attack the assignments with much more self-assurance... She is enjoying the class and is learning much. We are so very grateful to you for the class... She is soaking this all up! I am thrilled."

~ Kathleen, Homeschool mother, Introduction to Essays